Web-based POS first steps with Peppershop POS


Your First Steps with PepperShop POS


Log in to the POS with your user.

Figure 1: The login screen of your web checkout

Your First Sale in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Click on any product in the left area of the POS to place it in the shopping cart.

Figure 2: Overview of the products in the POS mask

Step 2

In the right area of the POS you will now see the products which are in the shopping cart. Click on the blue button PAY at the bottom right.

Figure 3: The shopping cart with various additional functions

Step 3

The payment screen opens. Select a payment method and complete the purchase by clicking on the blue button Complete purchase.

Figure 4: The payment window

Step 4

The POS automatically generates a VAT-compliant sales receipt.

Figure 5: Sample: Sales receipt

Enter Your First Own Product

  • Log in to the backend of your POS.
  • Click on Product -> Insert new product

Figure 6: POS administration menu

Figure 7: Mask: Enter product

  • Fill the mask with all the necessary information about your product.
  • Click on the green button next at the very bottom.

Figure 8: Category assignment

Figure 9: Product image assignment

  • Now assign the product to the corresponding category by checking the box and click on the green button next again.
  • Now you have the possibility to assign a product picture to the product.