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The word “Omni” comes from the Latin and means “everything”, omnichannel can therefore be understood as “all-channel sales” and refers to the use of all available sales channels (web shop, checkout solution, social media) to optimize shopping experience and to meet the growing need for flexible shopping. By networking the channels, you create clear added value for your customers as well as for your company.

Many companies recognize that traditional approaches geared towards individual sales channels no longer meet today’s shopping habits and specifically rely on a sophisticated omnichannel strategy. Why? Nowadays, numerous consumers find out about products online, compare prices, read and write reviews and then buy either in the online shop or at the checkout in a shop. The majority of all users also want to be able to shop 24 hours a day.

The omnichannel module consists of two main functions:

  • Click & Collect
  • Endless Aisles

Click & Collect

What is Click & Collect?

At Click & Collect, online retail merges strongly with brick-and-mortar retail. You let your customers shop online in your online shop and they then collect the goods from your shop and pay on the spot.

Pre-configuration of Click & Collect

In order to be able to use the entire range of functions of Click & Collect, individual configuration steps must be carried out in the administration of your shop / checkout.

What makes more sense for the initial setup for article maintenance: maintenance in Peppershop or in bexio?

Activation of a collection shipping method

So that your customers can determine during the ordering process in your online shop that they would like to pick up the goods in your shop, you must first define a pick-up shipping method.

  1. Go to the PepperShop administration
  2. In the menu, select * System settings -> Delivery countries / shipping -> Country group X *> >
  3. Enter a new shipping method

  1. Give your new shipping method a ** description **. It should be clear to your customer that s/he can pick up the goods at one location. For example, select a description * Pickup in the store “.

Also activate the * Checkbox pickup shipping method * and save.

Activation of payment on collection

With Click & Collect, your customers order the desired products online and pay for the goods when they are picked up in your shop. It is therefore necessary that you activate the corresponding payment method * Payment on collection * in the PepperShop administration.

  1. Go to the menu item * System settings -> General settings -> Payment methods *> >
  2. Activate (almost at the bottom in the mask) the * payment on collection * and save

Configuration module PDF printing

In order for your customer to receive the invoice including QR code directly via email, you must make the following configurations in the PDF printing module:

  1. In the PepperShop administration, go to the menu item * Module *
  2. Open the module * PDF printing *
  3. In the mask, scroll all the way down to the two points * QR code * and * Email configuration *
  4. Activate the checkbox ** Generate QR code **
  5. Activate the checkbox ** Send invoice to customer **
  6. Save

Optionally, you can of course also activate other check boxes.

How Click & Collect works

There are basically two different scenarios at Click & Collect:

  • Scenario 1: Order: online | Collection and payment: on site
  • Scenario 2: Order and payment: online | On-site pick-up
Scenario 1
  1. Your customer is in the sales process and now chooses the shipping method * pick up in the store *

  2. Your customer will now automatically receive an order confirmation with the invoice in the attachment. The invoice also has a QR code, which can then be used to call up this order in your cash register when the customer picks up the goods and wants to pay. The customer should have this invoice with them when collecting the goods.

  1. In the last step, your customer picks up with the invoice received and pays you directly at the checkout.
Scenario 2

As with scenario 1, the customer chooses the shipping method * pick up in the shop *. However, because he wants to pay directly online, he does not choose the payment method * payment on collection * but an alternative payment method such as a credit card.

Endless Aisle

What is Endless Aisle?

Endless Aisle - the endless store.

This functionality is suitable if you want to sell products in your store, although you do not currently have them in stock. With Endless Aisle, you take an order in your shop with the web cash register and your customer pays for the products on site including shipping and packaging costs. As soon as you have the product in stock, you can send it straight to the customer’s home.

How Endless Aisle works

To use Endless Aisle in your web checkout, do the following:

  1. First click on the customer button above the shopping cart

  2. Then select the customer from your customer base to whom you want to send the products at a later date. To firmly select the customer, click on the button with the arrows on the right.

  1. Now put the itemsthat the customer wants to buy into the shopping cart and then click on the * Delivery * button

  1. Now select the appropriate delivery method

  1. Now the shipping costs are calculated on the gross amount, so that the customer can pay the total amount (including shipping and packaging costs) directly at the checkout.

  1. Now carry out the sale as usual and go to customer and order management in the administration of PepperShop. The sale that has just been carried out is now in customer management with the order status * received *. Send the products to the corresponding customer as soon as they are available and adjust the order status.