Saferpay Info Sheet

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Saferpay Information

Saferpay Backoffice:, then select ‘Saferpay E-Payment’ from the LOGIN dropdown on the right side. You will now be redirected to the Saferpay login page (Fig. 2).

First login

Figure 1: Saferpay Homepage:

Figure 2: Saferpay Homepage:


When you first log in to Saferpay Backoffice, you will be prompted to change your password, first enter your old (assigned) password and then enter the desired password twice.

Figure 3: Login window: For users, enter the Saferpay login with e at the beginning Please note that only passwords that meet the following security criteria will be accepted: The password must be at least 8 characters long, must contain one upper and one lower case letter and at least one number or special character.


After you have changed your password, you may be asked to enter an e-mail address that SIX Payment Services AG can use to communicate with you. Each user ID must be provided with an e-mail address so that a user can unlock a possible login block himself. If you see a corresponding input mask, please enter your e-mail address in the “E-mail” field provided and confirm your entry by clicking “Save”.

Connect shop with Saferpay

To connect your shop with your Saferpay account we need an API key. To create the API key, log into your Saferpay back office.

Then go to the Settings option and select “JSON API Basic Authentication”.

Here you enter a password which you now assign new and a description freely chosen by you. Please note your password, it will not be displayed again later.

Figure 4: Creation of the API key

Now enter the same access data in the Saferpay configuration of the shop. To do this, go to your shop administration in (General settings → Payment methods → Saferpay). You will now see the configuration screen.

Figure 5: Saferpay settings in PepperShop

In addition to the API key, the terminal ID is also required. To get the terminal ID, go back to your Saferpay back office under Settings and to Terminal. The terminal ID is the number marked in red. Now enter this in the PepperShop in the SaferPay configuration in the “Terminal ID” field.

Figure 6: Terminal ID

Administrative work

After login you are in the dashboard. Now click on ‘Transactions’.

Figure 7: Overview of functions in Saferpay Backoffice


  1. The Transactions section contains all the operations for processing it.
  2. The journal shows the pending transactions.
  3. Click on ‘Details’ to select a transaction. There you can:
    1. view details
    2. in case of reservation: book, correct down or cancel. The transaction is processed with the next day-end closing and forwarded to the acquirer. This is done each night.
    3. when booking: Based on the card details, trigger a new credit note or reservation.
  4. After a day-end closing, the pending (not yet processed) postings are released for processing by the acquirer.
    • Info 1: Reservations must first be converted into bookings before they can be handed over with the daily closing.
    • Info 2: The daily closing can be automated, see point 6.
  5. credit notes can be used to credit partial or full amounts back to customers’ cards (or other credit cards).
  6. In the menu item ‘Administration’ you can see a list of the accounts set up under ‘Terminals’. Here you can assign your own account name and control the automatic day-end closing. If you have delivered bookings (and not reservations) and activated the automatic daily closing, you only need to go to the Saferpay back office to make credit notes or checks.
  7. By clicking on ‘Online Support’ and ‘Documents’ you will find the Backoffice User Manual at the bottom of the page.

Reservation or booking?

The PepperShop can be configured so that credit card financial transactions to SIX Payment Services AG are recorded as reservations of the amount or directly as bookings.

If reservations are selected, they must still be manually converted into bookings in the Saferpay back office. But you can still correct the amount downwards here. This always makes sense if there are still changes to the articles after the order has been received, e.g. if certain articles are not in stock.

If bookings are delivered, a daily settlement must be made within 48 hours. So if this is not done automatically, you are responsible for it yourself. If this deadline is not met, SIX Payment Services Ltd will charge a so-called late presentment fee, the amount of which is approximately 0.5% of the financial transaction amount.

Support / Instructions

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