PepperShop with Datatrans The connection to the payment service provider Datatrans is already integrated in the PepperShop and free of charge. Every new shop version brings an updated interface to Datatrans from day 1. These instructions explain how to set up and handle e-payment payments that are recorded and processed by Datatrans. Datatrans is one of the most beautiful and easiest to use payment terminals in e-commerce. In addition, you can choose from many means of payment. »

First Steps

Thank you for choosing PepperShop1! This document describes the first steps after the Installation of the shop system. As PepperShop Administrator, you will be guided through the most important configuration steps in this document and will be explained the first administration tasks. At the very end of the document there are hints and tips. Legal aspects of the operation of an e-commerce system are also described. Using the PepperShop Administration: »

General terms and conditions

The following are example terms and conditions. <h2>General Terms and Conditions</h2> <h3>§ 1) Validity</h3> <p> The general terms and conditions apply to all business relations between {company} and its customers. By placing an order you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions. The mere inspection of our website is non-binding and does not constitute a legal relationship. </p> <h3>§ 2) Offer</h3> <p> All prices are quoted in the currency chosen by the customer {incl. »


Allgemein Term Term (german) Explanation always in stock immer verfügbar A product is shown as always in stock / available cash discount Skonto Discount for fast payment category Kategorie Category / product category customer Kunde Description of a customer purchasing products or services in the system. customer address Kundenadresse Address of the customer, there is a billing address or optionally a different delivery address customer credit Kundenguthaben Customer credit balances, credits delivery address Lieferadresse Delivery address (if not available, then billing address) discount Rabatt A price reduction (e. »

Order processing

Procedure after receiving an order The First Order Has Arrived! What to Do.. These instructions describe how to process a new order that just arrived in your PepperShop and also show various possibilities and fulfillment procedures. It is your decision as a shop administrator what processes fit best to your company and your products. The instructions in this manual should be considered as recommendations. If your PepperShop is connected to an ERP solution which processes the orders, this manual is usually not anymore required, because these steps are part of the ERP order handling process. »

Parent- and Subarticles

Introduction If articles are sold in the shop, which there are in different characteristics (color or size …) then the conversion with parent and subarticles offers itself, so that for each variant an own article does not have to be indicated, which becomes unclear with many elements fast. Parent / sub articles are also much more flexible than standard PepperShop variants. Each variant has its own stock, optionally a picture, including multilingual components such as name and description. »

Technical Terms

Artikelmerkmal Term Term (german) Explanation aktiv_von created erstellt Attribute creation date data source datenquelle data source language lang Language language group nr merkmal_lang_grp_nr Attribute language group ID product id artikel_id Article ID (system internally used only) product property id merkmal_nr Attribute ID property definition id merkmal_definition_id Attribute definition ID reference referenz Reference updated aktualisiert Attribute modification date value value Attribute Value Bestellungsposition Term Term (german) Explanation kontierungsinfogruppe_id accounting info buchungsinfo VARCHAR(255) Information for booking in connections, can be the booking type/booking account/etc. »

Trusted Shops

Requirements The PepperShop E-Commerce System is Trusted Shops pre-certified. As a PepperShop operator, you benefit from the advantages of a pre-certified system, including price advantages. To be able to use Trusted Shops together with your PepperShop, your shop must be at least version 5 build 64 or newer. Trusted Shops can be used with PepperShop Basic, Professional and Enterprise. Older shop versions can no longer meet all legal requirements. You did not need any additional modules for the implementation. »

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management in PepperShop The PepperShop has a warehouse management system with which you can manage the stock per article. In addition, there are many other peripheral systems that work together with warehouse management. Configuration of warehouse management Stock settings are configured in the shop administration in the menu Article → Stock management. In the PepperShop default setting, warehouse management is switched off. To switch it on and to be able to make further settings for warehouse management, you have to switch to the administration menu and go to the Warehouse management section. »

Web-based POS first steps with Peppershop POS

Your First Steps with PepperShop POS Registration Log in to the POS with your user. Your First Sale in 4 Easy Steps Step 1 Click on any product in the left area of the POS to place it in the shopping cart. Step 2 In the right area of the POS you will now see the products which are in the shopping cart. Click on the blue button PAY at the bottom right. »