Google Shopping

With this external PepperShop module, you can deliver items to Google Shopping (formerly Google Products, Google Product Search or Froogle). Module installation After copying the files you can go to the shop administration and change there to the menu ‘Module’. On the left side, with the not yet installed modules, one sees now the Google Shopping module listed. Now you have to select the Google Shopping module and click on the ‘Install’ button. »


Introduction The newsletter module allows PepperShop administrators to inform their customers about news and actions with professionally created newsletters. This module is optionally available for the PepperShop and must be purchased separately. Application Division of labour The PepperShop newsletter module consists of two components: Shop extension for administration and import/export of newsletter data Application for creating and sending newsletters (Supermailer or Newsletter2Go) By this division we use the best of both worlds: »


PepperShop can be extended with the rewards module, so you can offer reward products starting at specific purchase sums. A rewards communication channel is available so customers are informed about this offer at an early stage. Usage of the Rewards System Rewards Product Description Reward products are standard PepperShop products, but there are important restrictions that must be adhered: The product price must be = 0.- The weight of the product must be = 0 No options / variants / text fields may be used Do not use linked option products (manual cross-selling) Do not use parent / sub product constructs Further definitions, which define a reward product: »


Introduction With this module, you can create and use vouchers in the PepperShop. Vouchers are organized in campaigns. Here you can define how many vouchers you want to create, their expiration date and the amount (fixed or percentage). The administration of the voucher module is fully integrated into the PepperShop administration and can be used from any location via a web interface. The vouchers can either be used for an order or bound to an article. »