Content Slider

Introduction Simply present products, linked images (e.g. actions) or HTML code directly in a modern slider. With this external PepperShop module, you can place different content prominently on the front page with a dynamic slider. All contents to be displayed are scrolled through automatically. Module installation After copying the files you can go to the shop administration and switch to the menu ‘Modules’. On the left side, at the not yet installed modules, you can see the Content-Slider module listed. »

Customer Dependent Pricing / Line Discounts

Introduction This module was used to implement extensive pricing rules and discount regulations in the PepperShop. A PepperShop in the Enterprise version is required. In contrast to the line discount rules, which are only displayed in the shopping basket, customer pricing already runs in the article catalog and therefore shows each registered customer or their groups their specific price immediately. Pricing rules are very flexible and are defined per customer, customer price group, currency and date. »

Google Analytics

Introduction With this external PepperShop module, you can analyze the shop via Google Analytics and optimize the shop for your customers. Login to Google Analytics To sign up for Google Analytics, you need a Google Account first. Sign up now. On this page, select Create Account to access the Google sign-in form. If you already have a Google Account, log in here with your credentials. Otherwise, click “Create Account” first to create an account. »

Google Shopping

With this external PepperShop module, you can deliver items to Google Shopping (formerly Google Products, Google Product Search or Froogle). Module installation After copying the files you can go to the shop administration and change there to the menu ‘Module’. On the left side, with the not yet installed modules, one sees now the Google Shopping module listed. Now you have to select the Google Shopping module and click on the ‘Install’ button. »


Introduction The newsletter module allows PepperShop administrators to inform their customers about news and actions with professionally created newsletters. This module is optionally available for the PepperShop and must be purchased separately. Application Division of labour The PepperShop newsletter module consists of two components: Shop extension for administration and import/export of newsletter data Application for creating and sending newsletters (Supermailer or Newsletter2Go) By this division we use the best of both worlds: »

Package Tracking

Introduction With the parcel tracking module you can specify the tracking code for sent parcels and the shop makes it available to the customer. Save support costs and inform your customers about the whereabouts of their shipments. The link for parcel tracking of the respective logistics provider is provided directly with the order sent e-mail, so that your customer does not have to contact you first. The tracking link is also available in his customer account. »

PDF Printing

Introduction If you can print a usable delivery note and a usable invoice at the push of a button, you save a lot of time and money. With this module for PDF delivery note and invoice printing, elegant PDF documents can be generated for each incoming order. You can also import your own PDF template, which is then used as a letter template. The module is optionally available for the PepperShop and must be purchased separately. »

PepperShop POS

Configuration In the administration area you can find the cash register at the bottom left of the menu or alternatively via the main menu of the module administration. In the configuration, there are the following setting options: Configuration of the PepperShop POS Webkasse (see figure 1): Activation: Check the box here. This is needed if you want to enable/disable the checkout as a webshop module. Precondition is a correctly installed PDF module. »


PepperShop can be extended with the rewards module, so you can offer reward products starting at specific purchase sums. A rewards communication channel is available so customers are informed about this offer at an early stage. Usage of the Rewards System Rewards Product Description Reward products are standard PepperShop products, but there are important restrictions that must be adhered: The product price must be = 0.- The weight of the product must be = 0 No options / variants / text fields may be used Do not use linked option products (manual cross-selling) Do not use parent / sub product constructs Further definitions, which define a reward product: »

Saferpay Info Sheet

Saferpay Information Saferpay Backoffice:, then select ‘Saferpay E-Payment’ from the LOGIN dropdown on the right side. You will now be redirected to the Saferpay login page (Fig. 2). First login Password When you first log in to Saferpay Backoffice, you will be prompted to change your password, first enter your old (assigned) password and then enter the desired password twice. Please note that only passwords that meet the following security criteria will be accepted: The password must be at least 8 characters long, must contain one upper and one lower case letter and at least one number or special character. »