Introduction The word “Omni” comes from the Latin and means “everything”, omnichannel can therefore be understood as “all-channel sales” and refers to the use of all available sales channels (web shop, checkout solution, social media) to optimize shopping experience and to meet the growing need for flexible shopping. By networking the channels, you create clear added value for your customers as well as for your company. Many companies recognize that traditional approaches geared towards individual sales channels no longer meet today’s shopping habits and specifically rely on a sophisticated omnichannel strategy. »

Web-based POS first steps with Peppershop POS

Your First Steps with PepperShop POS Registration Log in to the POS with your user. Your First Sale in 4 Easy Steps Step 1 Click on any product in the left area of the POS to place it in the shopping cart. Step 2 In the right area of the POS you will now see the products which are in the shopping cart. Click on the blue button PAY at the bottom right. »

Web-based POS Peppershop POS

Configuration In the administration area you can find the cash register at the bottom left of the menu or alternatively via the main menu of the module administration. In the configuration, there are the following setting options: Configuration of the web-based pos (see figure 1): Activation: Check the box here. This is needed if you want to enable/disable the checkout as a webshop module. A prerequisite for this is a correctly installed PDF module. »