Web-based POS SumUp

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The web-based checkout system PepperShop POS offers direct integration with professional payment terminals. SumUp is now one of the available options. Integrating SumUp gives you the possibility to accept card payments via a small, convenient wireless device. The sale must take place using a tablet in order to be able to use the SumUp terminal.


You will find the SumUp terminal in configuration mask of the online checkout. Connect the device with your shop.

Figure 1: Konfiguration

Figure 2: SumUp

After you have established the connection with the payment terminal, SumUp will appear as a payment option in the payment mask. SumUp can only be selected when using a tablet or smartphone. On a tablet the SumUp App will open automatically.

Figure 3: Pay Sumup

SumUp App

The SumUp App will open automatically on your tablet and connect to the card terminal via Bluetooth.

Figure 4: Bezahlung

The amount will appear on the terminal. The customer can now insert their card or pay by contactless. When the payment has been successfully completed, you can choose between the following receipt options:

  • receipt will be sent by email
  • receipt will be sent via SMS
  • skip if the customer does not want a receipt

Figure 5: Beleg drucken

When completed the App will close and you will return to the sales window.


The successful transaction via SumUp will now appear in your transaction history on the tablet, as well as in Shop Administration under Customer Management. When required you can look at the details of the transaction.

Figure 6: Belegverlauf

Figure 7: Customer management

We have now successfully completed our first payment with the SumUp terminal.