Advanced Secure Mailer

Time to read: one minute


With this add-on module, you can extend the PepperShop with the Swift e-mail subsystem. With this system, S/MIME signed e-mails can be sent with the main address of the shop. For this purpose, a corresponding e-mail SSL certificate is uploaded and configured (passphrase / intermediate certificates).

The customer can now verify the e-mails as they have a valid signature.


Install the module in the shop administration under Modules -> Module Administration.

You can now enter the data of your external mail server (SMTP) in the module.

Figure 3: Configuration

  • In the second tab you will find the certificates, which you can optionally upload.

    The uploaded files are stored in the secure administration area.

    • Activation:* Activate or deactivate the module here. The module can only be activated when all preconditions have been met.
    • Certificate: Upload the certificate in PEM format here.
    • Private-Key: Enter the private key here (PEM format).
    • Extra certificates: Enter the optional intermediate certificates here (PEM format)
    • Password for Private-Key: Enter the passphrase here (optional)
    • DKIM activation:* Should the DKIM private key be used if available?
    • Password for Private Key: Enter the DKIM Private Key here. (file extension = “")

    Figure 4: Certificate