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This module allows shop operators to send products with the package service provider DPD.

This module is optionally available for the PepperShop and must be purchased separately. The module allows you to generate a setup certificate with the place and time of delivery of the package directly from the web shop.


To install the module in the PepperShop, go to the shop administration of your own PepperShop and select the menu item ‘Modules'> ‘Module management’.> Here you can see the entry ‘DPD’ on the left side (modules not installed).

Figure 1: Installation of the module

Now select this entry and click on the * Install * button below. If all tests are positive, you can confirm the next page and the module is now displayed installed on the right side. The DPD module is now technically installed. Commissioning of the module will now be described.

Configuring the module

To start the configuration of the DPD module, you first need the API access data. You can request this directly from DHL. The prerequisite is that you have a DHL Express Switzerland AG customer number.

After receiving the API access data, the configuration can begin.

To do this, go to module management:

Figure 2: Module administration

Active: Activate the ‘DPD’ module with a check mark

Figure 3: Modul activation

API access data: Now fill in your API access data in the fields:

Sender address: Please fill out all the fields indicated. All fields must be filled in to complete the configuration.

Time shift (h): The time shift indicates how much time passes between the time of the order until the DHL shipping label is printed. A good value would be 1.

Set-up certificate format: Here you can still make settings for the set-up certificate, such as the distances and whether the franking should be included directly on it.

Verified addresses: You decide whether the customer can order despite the wrong address. If you set the flag here, he will be asked to clear the address before completing the order. If you do not set the flag, it may be that non-verified addresses place orders in your shop. You must correct the address in the shop administration after the customer has completed the order.

Create the shipping method

To create shipping methods, go to your shop administration and then proceed as follows: ' System settings => Delivery countries / shipping ‘>

  1. Edit a country group

Figure 4: Editing the country group

  1. Enter a new shipping method and then edit it Figure 5: Add shipping method

  2. Now enter the necessary information and select the “DPD service type”. Please note that you can only select the service type listed on the contract.

    Figure 6: Fill out all shipping information

The operation of the module

After configuring the module, the customer can now select DPD as the shipping method.

Figure 7: Selection of delivery methods

Address Verification

Depending on the setting of the address verification, the customer will not be able to complete his order. This is the case if an incorrect address has been entered.

If the verification is switched off, the flag “Customer data of an order can be edited later?” In the shop administration under General Settings -> Shop Configuration> must be set. This flag must be active so that we can still change the data in customer management after completing the order.

If your customer purchases despite the wrong address, you still have to adjust it so that DHL can also deliver it.

Figure 8: Incorrect address without verification

You cannot generate the shipping label if the address is incorrect. You can access the order and edit the customer data.

Figure 9: Processing an order

To do this, access the order concerned and edit the customer data:

Figure 10: Edit customer data

You can then correct the error and generate the label.

Figure 11: Edit address

**If verification is activated, the following message appears: **

Figure 12: Verification successful

Here the customer corrects his data himself. The order cannot be carried out without correcting the data.

Figure 13:Verification successful

Shipping label

After the customer successfully completes the order, an order is placed. If the customer has ordered with DHL, it is important to stay within the time shift.

So you generate the shipping label in customer management:

Figure 14: Generate shipping label

Figure 15: Show shipping label

The shipping label can now be generated here:

Figure 16: Shipping label


Glarotech GmbH hosting customers will have the module installed after ordering.

System requirements

To be able to use the DPD module, a PepperShop v.8.0 Professional is required.


A detailed help text can be found directly in the module itself by clicking on the help button. For questions or the forums are available at