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The Galaxus module enables you to offer your products on digitec Galaxus AG too. Manage the articles in one place, in the PepperShop. Sell on two platforms, PepperShop and digitec Galaxus.

The Galaxus module provides you with the interface for this, in which you can carry out product master synchronisation, among other things, import orders from the marketplace and, if required, also forward them to a connected ERP for processing and use the digitec Galaxus AG supplier interface.

Figure 1: Graphic digitec Galaxus AG

Setup and conditions

The Galaxus module is simply an interface. You need to set up a contract with digitec Galaxus AG, which you will receive directly from them. After the check and approval from digitec Galaxus AG, you will receive the access data that you need for the interface in the PepperShop.


The export from the PepperShop is carried out every 15 minutes.

The storage settings must also be activated and maintained in your Pepper Shop, otherwise the items cannot be transmitted to digitec Galaxus. A GTIN must also be stored for the item; this is absolutely necessary for digitec Galaxus to be able to sell the item. In order to be able to store a GTIN for your articles, you also need the “Manufacturer information” module.

In order to ensure an optimal connection to digitec Galaxus, all delivery countries offered by digitec Galaxus must also be available in your shop. The same applies to currencies. You must offer every currency offered by digitec Galaxus in your shop.

Configuration in the PepperShop

After you have signed the contract with digitec Galaxus AG and received the access data, switch to the shop administration of the PepperShop.

You can install the Galaxus module in the module management here. Figure 2: Module management Figure 3: Galaxus modul

Open the module and enter the access data you received. You can now choose whether you are a dealer or a supplier. With the supplier function, the invoice is automatically sent to digitec Galaxus after the order has been sent.

You then have to specify the shipping method and the standard delivery times. You must define this for each country group as a matter of necessity. digitec Galaxus will use these entries to inform its customers about orders and shipping status.

Figure 4: Configuration module Peppershop

Returns & cancels

Returns & cancels are processed via the HMI tool. You will receive access to this tool from digitec Galaxus AG.

Customer management

The following order statuses are now available in customer management:

  • Received
  • In progress
  • Shipped
  • Completed
  • Delayed delivery
  • End of Life

Figure 5: Order status

You can also use the delivery delay to enter partial deliveries. To do this, select the order status “Delivery delay”. A new screen will open. You will see the ordered article and the quantity. Now you can add a partial delivery for a certain quantity. You will be asked for the status of the delivery, insert the desired status here. The system will automatically calculate the remaining number of items. The order will be displayed in the customer management as “in process”, as soon as you have added a status to all partial deliveries, the entire status will also be adjusted.

Figure 6: Delayed delivery

In Customer Management, next to the Galaxus order, you will see a small “i”. Hover over it to get important information about the order. For example, items can only be delivered on certain days or the delivery note must be included.

Help for the module

The following points must be observed so that all data can be transferred between the PepperShop and digitec Galaxus without any problems:

Currencies: All currencies that are also offered by digitec Galaxus must be active in the shop.

Items: The items that are offered on digitec Galaxus must be visible and purchasable in the PepperShop. In addition, all articles must have a GTIN.

Warehouse management: In order to be able to transfer the items to digitec Galaxus, warehouse management must be activated and maintained in the PepperShop.

Shipping countries: All countries that are supplied by digitec Galaxus must also be covered in the PepperShop.


Two cron jobs must be set up. One exports the data to Galaxus. The other cron job imports the Galaxus messages into the PepperShop.

20 */1 * * * cd /{shop_path}/shop/Admin/module/galaxus/ && php -d memory_limit=2048M -d max_execution_time=1800 export_galaxus_product.php
15/* * * * cd /{shop_path}/shop/Admin/module/galaxus/ &&  php fetch_new_galaxus_messages.php commandline {shop_hostname} {shop_webroot}/


{shop_hostname} : www.peppershop.com

{shop_webroot}: https://www.peppershop.com/

Further help

Do you need further support? PepperShop provides you with different options.