Web-based POS Layaway

Time to read: one minute

Figure 1: Pause


The web-based POS system PepperShop POS offers the possibility to pause / defer sales.


The module is configured by Glarotech. This module is not visible in the module management. No configuration or activation by the customer is required.


Figure 2: Pausing

You can pause a purchase as soon as you have an item in your shopping cart.

the paused purchases are displayed as follows:

Figure 3: Paused purchases

A purchase that is booked to a customer is also paused with the customer’s name. Purchases that are not booked to customers appear under the name of the cashier.

You call up the order again as soon as you click the Apply button.

What is paused and applied?

  • Item
  • Customers
  • Discounts / vouchers on orders

Which information is not paused and cannot be applied?

  • The shipping method (Endless Aisle - the endless store)
  • Discounts on an item
  • Free articles (the name can be applied, but the price cannot)