Cash balance

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The web-based POS system PepperShop POS enables you to manage your cash balance.

An EPSON receipt printer TM-M30 is required to install this module.

Figure 1: Receipt printer

Figure 2: Installation

Activate the Cash balance module in the module overview and go to module administration for setup.

Module administration

Figure 3: Module administration

After activating the module, deposits and expenses can now be booked. It is also possible to store your own description, such as “tip”

Cash balance

In order to carry out a count, a deposit or an issue, go to the settings in your web checkout interface.

Figure 4: Module administration

Cash balance count

Figure 5: Module administration

We indicate the balance in the cash register here. A difference is automatically counted, which you can book.

Figure 6: Module administration

For example, the cash register is posted when you deposit.

Figure 7: Module administration

For example, a withdrawal can be booked for the withdrawal or the tip.

Figure 8: Module administration

After the count, the closing balance appears in the module administration. Further actions can be carried out here:

Figure 9: Module administration

For example, a withdrawal is now created:

Figure 10: Module administration

All transactions can be displayed in the journal and also exported.

Figure 11: Module administration


Glarotech GmbH hosting customers will have the module installed after ordering.

System requirements

To be able to use the DPD module, a PepperShop v.8.0 Professional is required.


A detailed help text can be found directly in the module itself by clicking on the help button. For questions or the forums are available at