Consent Manager

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. Since the end of 2019, consent managers have also been a major topic for online shops.

Website visitors should be able to configure in a differentiated way for all services used, whether the cookie may be set or not. Especially for third party or tracking cookies.

On-page cookies, which are required immediately to deliver the service for which the page was created, are always permitted. These include, for example, session IDs and longer-lasting cookies to save the language setting.

Starting with PepperShop v.8, an internal Consent Manager has been developed, which implements the corresponding requirements according to DSGVO and the new CH-DSG.

With the module Consent Manager you can directly integrate an external Consent Management service of your choice into the PepperShop.

There are numerous consent management tools on the market. PepperShop’s preferred cooperation partner is usercentrics.

Module config

To configure the Consent Manager module, first go to the module management of your PepperShop. In the main menu on the left click on Module -> Consent Manager

Figure 1: Configuration mask of the Consent Manager

  1. Activate the module. If the module is deactivated, no customer widget is displayed by the customer.
  2. Copy the widget code of an external consent management provider here.
  3. Save the changes.

What is a widget?

The widget code is provided to you by the relevant consent management provider and is there to ensure that the consent manager is correctly displayed by the customer on your online shop.

In most cases, the widget code is a piece of HTML or Java Script code.

Widget code example from the consent management provider [usercentrics] (

<script type="application/javascript" src="" id="xxxxx" ></script>

Customer presentation in the web shop

As soon as the widget code has been stored in the Consent Manager module, the corresponding widget appears on the customer side of your online shop.

Example Consent Manager closed:

Figure 2: Consent Manager closed at the bottom left of the shop.

Example Consent Manager unfolded:

Figure 3: Consent Manager opened at the bottom left of the shop.


System Requirements

In order to use the Consent Manager module, at least one PepperShop v.8.0 Professional or Enterprise is required.

Module installation

Go to the shop administration and go to the Modules menu. On the left side, with the modules not yet installed, you can now see the Consent Manager module listed.

Figure 4: Uninstalled module in module management

Now select the Consent Manager module has to be selected and the click on the “Install” button. If the installation routine runs without problems, this will be communicated on the following page. The module is now installed. We now click on the button ‘Back to module administration’ and there ‘Back to module administration’. We now see the button for managing the Consent Manager module.

Die Installation des Consent Manager Moduls ist nun abgeschlossen. Damit das Modul eingesetzt werden kann, muss das Modul nun noch an die spezifische Konfiguration des Shopbetreibers angepasst werden, siehe dazu das nächste Kapitel ‘Modulkonfiguration’, weiter unten.